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Pecan harvest begins in mid-October but the work is year round. All the orchards must be maintained by mowing, pruning, grafting young trees, thinning, and clearing fallen limbs. Below are pictures of the harvesting process.
Pecan Shaker The pecans ripen naturally, but first a hard freeze will help speed up the process. To the left is a picture of the pecan shaker. The pecans usually cling to the trees and we would have to harvest multiple times. With the shaker we can make the majority of pecans fall at the same time from the tree so we can harvest more efficiently. The shaker hydraulically clamp onto the tree and the counter-balance weights spin inside to send gentle vibrations up the tree trunk and limbs causing the pecans will fall from the tree.
Pecan Harvester Once the pecans are on the ground we run the pecan harvester to "sweep" the orchard floor. The harvester has a metal drum inside with hundreds of rubber fingers. The fingers lift the pecans off the ground as the drum rotates into the machine. Once gathered inside, a fan blows the leaves out the back. The pecans are heavy enough and fall through a grate where they are stored in the hopper.
Transport Wagon When the hopper is full it is then dumped into a wagon. The wagons are equipped with hydraulic hoist so that they can be unloaded easily. The wagons are used to transport the pecans to storage or to cleaning and sorting because the tractors are very slow.
pecan cleaner The wagons are then dumped into the cleaner. This work is usually done at night or when weather prevents normal harvesting. At the cleaner the good pecans are separated from all the limbs, rocks and other foreign material that the harvester picked up. This is a very labor intensive process. The clean pecans are then moved by conveyor into a sizer where they are sorted according to diameter, so we can do a better job of cracking. From there the pecans are ready to be washed and cracked.
pecan cleaner The pecan cracking machines are adjusted to different size nuts, so it can do a better job of custom cracking. The hammer in each machine hits one pecan at a time, which then spills out on the conveyor belt. Three people watch the line, removing any inferior pecans. The quality pecans travel toward the end, where they are funneled into a brown paper bag, removed, weighed by hand and the bag is stapled.